Ody’s secret caveP1020430

How make a dirt bombP1020441

Dirt bomb completeP1020451

Vicki and I on a 3 km hike to Belmontas parkP1020479



At the Valakampiai beach not far from our house: this is how you build a sand castle, Ody!P1020410


Getting Well

Last week Indy got sick. We waited for a couple of days and then when the fever got all the way up 103 we called 112 – the emergency number.  It was about 10 o’clock at night. The emergency arrived in less than 10 minutes and in less than 30 minutes we were in an examination room, in the hospital.


I was concerned about Indy, about getting yelled by a doctor for not taking care of my child, about what they were going to do to us… I was also thinking whether I should give money to somebody? My first encounter was with the nurse who brought us from home to the hospital. I stretched out my hand with a 5 euro bill in it (not much but then she didn’t do much either) and told her “Please take this for coffee.” She refused. Later I considered giving money to Indy’s doctor but every day we had a different doctor… Then I saw stickers on some doors saying “If you want to thank a doctor, say Thank you!” I guess if we had a more life threatening condition we would have had to give money. But this time thank you was really enough.

I loved the big arch window in our room and the huge linden tree outside. Indy and I slept in the bed with the red cover on it.

The first and the only time I really hated the place is when they took Indy inside one of the rooms and told me to stay outside. I heard him screaming for a few minutes while they were putting a catheter in his hand. I thought I should have been allowed to stay with him. That one incident triggered his great fear for anybody in a white coat. He cried upon seeing them and before they would even pull out their instruments.

Indy’s favorite pass-time was to sit on the window sill.

After examination, a nurse took us to our room. She said: “I hope you don’t mind staying with a 17-year old boy.” After seeing my eyes get really wide she continued: “Tell this to our government which considers 17 and 18 year-olds to be children.” Of course I said no way. She had to give us another room and the same night we had another mom and her 5 year old daughter move in with us which turned out to be a blessing for Indy and me.

This was where Indy was supposed to sleep. Get used to those bars, baby!

It felt like a prison. The room and the corridor was the only space we could walk. Food lady coming with her carriage and food plates was the biggest excitement to break the routine.  Well, of course, seeing Victor and the boys was more exciting but the food lady was pretty big deal. She was tough — one time I took a piece of bread with butter from her tray and she grabbed it straight from my hand and said “this does not belong to you!” Apparently, bread and butter was meant for a different group of patients. 


Indy did not cough but the doctor requested an x-ray. It was pneumonia. We stayed in the hospital for five long days…I thought I was going to get sick myself.

The nice thing about this event — there is going to be no “explanation of benefits” letter in my mailbox. We are fully covered by the state. So nice to be covered. So good to be home.

For Mom

hey mama i cant think of a poem so i will make noises As recited by Ody (after Vicki recited his poem) 

Bah Bah Bah

all all all

gchj gfwjyf kfhwkej

Kaka Kaka Kaka Kaka


I can’t think of any more noise, Mama

Hey, except for this:

eye eye eye

I can’t think

I ain’t gonna blink

Vicki is the best

Ody is the worst

The more I think

The more worse I get

So I just suck

Hey Mama — I love you

Even though you suck too

Hey Mama — we both suck!


As recited by Vicki 

Hey Mama, 

You are the TOP llama

Some of the years presents come from Sears

But Mama — you are the best, better than the rest!

Today is great! If I had to rate it would be 10.8!

Let us all be happy and a little bit snappy

We don’t have cake for heaven’s sake!

So on this day we all should say:

Happy Mother’s Day!!! 



Previously  on…                                Easter…                                                                 I was sent to jail on a rainy day. then they threw me out of jail but i was wrong… i got sent by limo. the person driving was JOHN WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!His mph was 120 i saw three police helicopters and 100 police cars we were on the edge  of the Atlantic ocean it was the end suddenly  from the front of the road were 50 police  it was ether hit the mountain,get cot by the police or into the ocean .then grandma lady was flying fast with super strength she picked up  (strength of the iron bear) the limo…  then we saw Mr. dad was typing  his book…

me and my grandma and my tow cousins and my uncle and aunt and  my grandpa went on a walk to the park… (then i got fat). 


the end                 oh man now i have  to write more(long sigh) so lets get to business so… so when we dyed our eggs they were very nice .then we played outside . then we ate … then we went to see a parade. then  we went on a walk. then we left…                                      




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It was spring break in Lithuania and we went to visit my grandma and grandpa in Telshiai for Easter. This is Telshiai!P1010844

 The first two days we walked a lot and went to the park a few times. We also ate a lot because my grandma is probably the best cook in the world!


Then the day before Easter we went on a walk to a church. There we saw a big parade there where people holding up crosses and some held torches!This is what they looked like!


Once we were tired of watching the parade we walked further where I saw a giant egg statue on the ground in front of a building it was really big.


The next day my uncle Arunas and aunt Girda came with my two cousins. Then we painted the eggs. We couldn’t take out the boiled eggs right away so me and my cousins started playing. Well Ody and my cousin sharunas played on computer, while Ugne and I had a lazy contest it was really really long. The person who won was …no one

We played so many times because every time one of us won we played again and again and again…

FINNALLY  eggs were finished this is what they looked like.


Then we all went to bed. The next day my family (only my family) went on a walk on are way back I saw my aunt Girda and uncle Arunas. When I came back we played a little and then we had breakfast and right after that my aunt, uncle and cousins left. Then we went on a long walk and when we came back we had to get ready to leave. Then we all said are goodbye’s and we left .


Banking mistakes

Just when I started to feel more at home in Vilnius…

B      A        M    ! !  ! !  !!!!   !!

I get my wallet taken out of my purse while I am trying on some cheap shoes in Deichmann shoe store at the big Ozas shopping center in Vilnius.

My first thought was – Jesus, my ulster savings card is “signature only” and a thief could probably buy a cartload of stuff if (or more like “because”) shops here are not going to ask for any ID. I ran home and tried to block the card. Since it was Sunday and I could not find the card number written down and we had two cards on one account, we could not do it though Ulster Savings automated service. I wished then that we were with Bank of American or some other big bank.

I slammed the doors, ran into Victor’s room and started screaming something about thieves taking our money while we can’t STOP it!!!

Victor was smart and called Mastercard and the card was blocked. In the meantime thieves took something like 2 months worth of Victor’s salary here out of an ATM machine using our SEB bank in Lithuania debit card because I forgot that I had left the pin number in my wallet.

Our local bank said “sorry, we can’t help you, it’s all your fault.” Everybody told us that it was our fault.  Some people did not tell it straight to our faces but I could see it in their eyes

you guys are such idiots to lose this money

Even my brother could not produce much sympathy. The police was not too bad, they said they might even catch the thieves.

But who is really at fault here? Is the 4 digit pin code the only safety guarantee we get in exchange for trusting our money with the bank?  Why didn’t any red flags go up when the thieves took out this huge sum of money

in less than three minutes?

How come this bank card had such high ATM withdrawal limit (about 3 times the limit we had on our Ulster Savings Mastercard)? That makes no sense considering that most people don’t even have such money in their accounts.  Isn’t a bank supposed to protect its clients and their money against cases like this – to have some kind of insurance? After all the money was not in my pocket, it was in the bank.

I wrote a complaint to the president of the bank

give me my money back!

expat family from the US in vilnius, Lithuania; Coming back after 10 years